[Artist Profile] DIVA 


D͢A͢T͢E͢ O͢F͢ B͢I͢R͢T͢H͢ : 11 MAY 1995(22 years)




                  ƒσʆʆσϖ δίѵα ɡհ ση

tϖίttεɾ @dívαgh1.                                      I͟͟N͟͟S͟͟T͟͟A͟͟G͟͟R͟͟A͟͟M͟͟ @Diva Gh                             F͞͞A͞͞C͞͞E͞͞B͞͞O͞͞O͞͞K͞͞ @Diva-Idol Of Volta/De-Diva Songstress


Avorgah Juliet known as Diva as her stage name is a Ghanaian afro pop,dancehall and R&B singer..

The 22 year old singer,hailed from Aflao in the Volta region.

Born on 11 May 1995.
She was born in the Volta region but raised up in Accra to Avorgah Simon ,a businessman and Avorgah Esinam ,a Trader.

She is the first born out of six,three boys and Two girls.
She attended Sakumono School Complex primary and completed Dawhenya D/A Junior High School.

Later furthered her Secondary at Wovenu Senior High Technical School(WOSSETS),Tadzewu in the Volta region.

And will be moving on to her tertiary .
She started her music career back in 2015 in a small studio ….
 Diva is an abbreviation in her mother tongue meaning

Born as the star from Volta for freedom and Idol Of Volta was given to her by one of her fans-But Idol also made a whole sentence in her own way by meaning I will Dwell in the Only hands of the Lord so never meant for lesser gods
               -E͙a͙r͙l͙y͙ S͙c͙h͙o͙o͙l͙ D͙a͙y͙s͙-

Diva back in her School days,became the Girl’s Entertainment Prefect through an effort by her school father.

You will be amazed by what you will read.

Diva use to write lyrics on her own but she does not have the help from anyone to help her in producing. She was known for this by most of her mates,seniors,juniors and some staffs by her talent.And she was later given a nick name –Jizzy after popular rich YOUNG JEZZY in America,because of her skills,she try her skills in rapping some of these Rappers up there.

Her school held an inauguration of GUNSA.

Though she had the passion to perform during the program,she was a very shy type but her school father encouraged her to try something.

She performed during the program,where she sang on ALICIA DIXON’S SONG BREATHE SLOW with at the age of 17.There the whole school got to know about her talent and position her to take the Girl’s Entertainment Prefect. 

She later threw away shyness from there.

                   -M̉ủs̉ỉc̉ C̉ảr̉r̉ỉẻr̉-

she started her music career by going to a nearby small studio in Dawhenya named -White Grave Music, she was first admitted by the CEO and the producer known Aprinzy,asked her to record her hook on her very first demo entitled -Intresting.She recorded that demo on one finest female Dancehall and R&B songstress, MzVee’s single-Natural girl instrumental,to testify she was good. 

She did her best on her own lyrics.
She meet some few young upcoming artists like RedLightta,a dancehall art and others.

She got featured on a song with a young Dangbe rapper from Prampram known as Ocean Underlight. popular in some parts of Ghana-Omaa Gbee Mi.

She was recognized from there after.
She recorded her first single with a young Nigerian art and model known Dola.

They gave the song -Gyal Dem(Download)

She wrote this song on how they both meet from differ countries. And this song was recorded in the studio’s of Emoh.
Diva gave out the reason why she took Diva-Idol Of Volta.

She says she took this stage name to reveal where she is originated from to the world.

She means,DIVA has a meaning in her dialect (Dzi Xletivi Si Tso Volta Na Ablorde)

Meaning, Born Is The Star From Volta For Freedom.

Idol Of Volta was given to her by one of her fans..

She explained Idol to her is never what you think by lesser gods.
She said every letter stands for a word.

IDOL for her stands for I will Dwell in the Only house of the Lord.

You could hear in every song she sings,-(tittat)

It also meant To inspire Them That Africans (are) Talented.

She has featured Gina Gee,Prince Volta,Dola on her songs and yet to go viral.

She is now having a contract with Baby Cash the CEO of baby records.

🇵🇴🇸🇹🇪🇩 🇧🇾 @AMSCRATCH


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