Tjay De EweCalist is set to drop Tell’em(RNS Cover) featuring KUZRAPAHOLIX

DE EWECAL MUSIC boss Tjay De EweCalist is set to release his first single this year featuring one Dopest rapper KUZRAPAHOLIX entitled Tellem on RNS Cover.

This two Rappers are unique in their own ways. They both attended the same college at Peki College Of Education (GOVCO), Play Basketball together and are now professional teachers. 

They said this song is supposed to be a freestyle to create awareness to the people of Ghana and beyond but there is a catchy hook (Tellem) that will keep sounding in your heart and mind. According to them, this is just a stepping stone for more songs and good ones for that matter to drop this year. DE EWECAL MUSIC boss rap both in Ewe and English and a little Patois. 

You can get interacted with him through his Social Media Handles

Facebook Acc: Tjay De EweCalist

Facebook page: Tjaygh

Instagram: tjaygh

Twitter: tjaygh

Snapchat: tjaygh1

Watch Out for #Tellem


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