Epixode’s mangement warn event organisers who debrand Ghanaian artistes


Gbevu Music Group logo
Management of reggae dancehall act EpiXode, Gbevu Music Group has issued a word of caution to event organizers who use image of the act on posters without the label’s consent.

The UK based record label has expressed warm concerns about event organisers putting the artiste’s photos on their flyers illegally and is sending a stern warning to them to put a stop to such unprofessional and unscrupulous behaviour with immediate effect.

Expressing frustrations on how the lack of discipline has taken a toll on the Showbiz industry, the label’s spearhead also calls on Musiga to duly perform its duty as the institution mandated to curb such acts.

“This isn’t the first time such an issue has sufficed but enough is enough. It’s such a shame anybody at all wakes up and organizes events without using the right channels. What sort of industry are we building?” : He quizzed.


Adding to that, the label’s CEO hinted, artistes shouldn’t be the only ones always fighting for their rights. The media as gatekeepers must also take it upon themselves to name and shame activities that seek to tarnish the image of the already struggling music industry.

Talking to the head honcho of the record label, Mr Edmund Sackey, he also explicated that, Epixode’s brand is the sole priority of his management and hence people who still write and spell the artiste’s name with the old “S” must desist from such mistakes.

Epixode was signed to the record label on 1st March 2016 after which his name Episode was changed to EpiXode to propel his career to the utmost.


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