“NKZ BOSS”, Guru ordained as prophet @gurunkz

Its no wonder he spoke the truth all this while and perhaps a lot of people doubted it. To those blinded by their political philosophy, Guru was speaking from his stomach. However, it turned to be the truth. For this same reason, He been able to predict something correctly raised him to be counted as one of the true Prophets.
Long before the elections in Ghana, “the Samba” hit maker dropped a tune dubbed “My Take”. This tune had a lot of messages for the Ghanaian electorates. However, a line from the song was a real prophesy and he emphasized categorically that he really meant what he was talking about.

“Mr. President, this year you go lose, Yes! You go LOSE! Yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!!”

What happened, after the 7th December elections?. The President lost. Is this not wonderful? Guru, said he had no problem with the president however he wanted off because things were not good. His prediction came true and therefore, he qualifies to be a prophet.

Just listen to the song below if you have not and check out how he put his message across.

Music:Guru-my take-: [Download]


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