Pae Dae, Edem, Hammer should take over the affairs of MUSIGA -D Black


More and more musicians and stakeholders of the Ghanaian
entertainment industry have spoken with regards to how Obour led
MUSIGA administration is running the affairs of the industry.
Many seemed to dislike how affairs are being run over there. The likes
of Shatta Wale, Pope Skinny and more have spoken against the
administration and hiphop act, D Black has also added his voice to
how Obour is running the affairs of MUSIGA.
According to D Black, the state of the music industry is so appalling
with no music policies and more.
He tweeted.
The state of our music industry is royalty collection
society, the blank cd levys aren’t accounted for, no music policies
9:58 AM – 3 Nov 2016
32 38
The Club Onyx owner also talked about how talents come and sing,
produce and as well put in all the hardwork but die a pauper.

He said
Have talents come sing, rap and produce their asses off and die
broke with nothing in the bank for their families .. smh
9:59 AM – 3 Nov 2016
19 13
Djs making meagre sums for gigs , our local music industry is a
mess .. it needs fixing . U wedge !
10:00 AM – 3 Nov 2016
26 22
D Black says a formidable force with acts such as himself, Omar
Sterling, Hammer of last two and Edem will make a difference with
regards to MUSIGA.
He said,
I’m envisioning the difference we would make if a formidable force
including Myself

@Dahammergh @Paedeezy @iamedem

& a few
others run Musiga
9:57 AM – 3 Nov 2016
39 68


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