I hid in car boot first I saw GENEVIEVE NNAJI -Mercy Johnson


Genevieve Nnaji is a big brand till date in the Nigerian movie industry
and has been perceived as one of the most expensive actresses.
Mercy Johnson, on the other hand, is also a big brand in the movie
industry and she recently resumed acting after taking a break for a
few years to care for her children.
In a recent interview, Mercy Johnson revealed a shocking encounter
she had with Genevieve Nnaji.
She disclosed that she adored Genevieve and was always looking
forward to meeting her in person.

According to the actress, her first time meeting Genevieve didn’t go
well as she fidgeted and hid in the car boot of her friend who
accompanied her for the visit.
In her own words she said, “The first time I met her, my friend took
me there. When we got to where she was, I became nervous. I told my
friend ‘no let me hide in your boot’ and I did. I got into her boot. Can
you imagine I came to see her and when I got there I wanted to run
back and I jumped into my friend’s boot?
“So, when she came out of the hotel, I could not see her, I could only
hear her voice. The second time I saw her was on set. When she came
down, and I met her, she said ahh! Mercy I like your movies, and I
started crying. I was in tears of joy. I said, ‘Aunty Genevieve, so you
watch my movies?’. She was sort of embarrassed.
“Before I met her, she had already known that there was somebody
who was crazily insane about her. She was really nice to me, receptive.
And even whenever we work together she will correct me and say that
thing you did, you could have done it this way.”


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