I don’t wear bra because my breast are nice -Yoruba actress, Feyi Hassan


On-the-rise Yoruba actress and producer,
Feyisara Hassan looks so young and vulnerable
she comes across like a damsel-in-distress,
one, you want to wrap your arms around to
prevent from the vice people of the world.
She just doesn’t cut the look of a girl who
would walk on the wild side. That is why many
people were speechless when she practically
threw the social media into pandemonium with
a braless picture she posted recently. When
Potpourri asked the actress what prompted
her to post the picture, her answer was
“I don’t put on bra. In fact, I don’t like it. I
only put on a bra when necessary and most
times it is because of my boyfriend, he doesn’t
like seeing me without wearing a bra. So,
sometimes, I put it on because of him.”

Probing further, Potpourri asked what reasons
she had for not liking the bra and again her
answer was simple and straight to the point.
“What do I need a bra for when I have good
boobs. I have very good boobs, so no need of
bra,” she said. When we teased her that her
boobs are not exactly big and conspicuous,
she retorted, “Must you have big boobs to
have nice boobs? All I know is that, mine are
very nice.”
Feyisara Hassan started acting in 2011 and
already, she has produced at least five movies
of her own, namely,Rokun Rosa, Fikayomi,
Ipinle Ese, Aye Asan and Aisan. She has also
featured in almost 40 films of others


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