My father did not allow me to sleep with my wife -Comedian


Teju Oyelakin, a comedian and famous TV talk
show presenter of the popular comic show
‘Teju Babyface’ has said that he has so much
respect for the scriptural verse that says,
“marriage is honorable in all and the bed
Teju who has been married for four years
revealed contrary to public view that he never
had any carnal knowledge of his wife until he
was formally married and wedded.
He said that because his father understood
what it meant to honour the marriage bed and
he has always advised him to stay away from
sleeping with any woman he wants to marry.

According to him,” Lord knows I didn’t always
live and behave like that, but, somehow, I was
fortunate to discover not only the truth but
also the strength in keeping the marriage bed
undefiled before I got married to my wife”.
“My father was also very insistent that I should
not sleep with the woman I would marry. He
would say ‘look, one can even make a mistake
and slip up but don’t make it a lifestyle!’ Plus
my wife was having none of it! For where?


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