Only fools will compare me to Stonebwoy and Samini


Shatta Wale has said anybody who compares him to Stonebwoy and
Samini is ‘a villager, a fool, and an individual who has no brains’.
According to him, they are different people who cannot be compared
on any grounds because there are things that he does that these guys
do not and cannot do.
“If there is fire here and I say I want to pass through, those dogs
cannot pass through. If I say I want to do something those Dancehall
artistes you are comparing me to cannot do it so why do you compare
me to them,” the artiste quizzed.
‘Africa’s Dancehall King’, Shatta Wale admonished his fans and
followers to know who they are in God because that is the only recipe
for success in life.
The artiste who went live on Facebook this morning advised that his
followers should forget about people with the pull him down syndrome
because giving them an opportunity in one’s life will lead to failure.
Quoting Psalm 35:8, he indicated that whatever his fans set their mind
to they should work at it because the negative thoughts of people
cannot rule their lives and that those who plot their downfall will be
struck by destruction.
“If you want to make it, just set your mind to it and work hard at it
and leave the rest to God and he will bless you with all that you want.
I have bought ten cars and I have built houses because God is at work
in my life so I don’t give space to people who have negative thoughts.”
Shatta Wale impressed on his followers to always think positive about
others and have faith in God because, without his help, they will be
nobody and will suffer for the rest of their life.
“Some people don’t think positively so nothing positive can come out
of their lives. They do not have faith in God so they cannot make it in
life. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and your life will be
He promised to buy a new car for one of his loyal fans calling for a
challenge from artistes he is being compared to to do same for their
loyal fans.
He mentioned that there is a host of hypocrites in Ghana’s
entertainment industry who will always pray for the downfall of
artistes alleging that “some people in the industry met when the Kwaw
Kesse was imprisoned and they said if it was Shatta Wale they would
have paid for him to be imprisoned.”
He indicated that he never has a problem with Samini but the back
and forth is all about a strategy to get the music industry very active
and lively in order to make it lucrative for the teeming youth who have
similar talents hence cautioning people against taking things personal.


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